wish list.

As much as I would totally love to pimp out my dorm, I'm on a limited budget. So instead of going broke before I even get to college, I just decided to make a wish list. Here are my picks for the perfect dorm!

This quilt from Anthropologie is basically me sewn into bedding. I love it. Too bad it costs more than a month of meal plans!

I was told that adding pretty lights make those cold dorm rooms a little cozier. Imagine my excitement when I found these lights that you can clip pictures to!!

I'm just obsessed with this rug. End of story.

I've seen these decals in a couple of dorm rooms. Not only are they easy to put up and take down, but it's a great way to break up those cold cinderblock walls!

I'm a sucker for things with my name on it, and in a dorm setting, marking your turf is a necessity. Love these wire letters from PBteen!!

I suck at organizing things, and absolutely notorious for leaving books, journals, and iPods on the floor next to my bed. Now I can just put everything in this bed caddy! Yay!

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