Oh, look! Lindsey is actually posting something on her blog! Actually, guys. This is more of a farewell than an actual update. See, somewhere along the line I figured out that Wordpress is kind of great, so this is me parting ways with blogger... IT'S BEEN A GOOD THREE YEARS.

Not. Go check out my wordpress!


Summer happenings

Whoa. It's summer. I've finished my freshman year of college. I'm going to be twenty in less than two months. CAN LIFE JUST SLOW DOWN, PLEASE?!

Thankfully, that's exactly what this summer is all about. Especially since I have like, half a job this summer. Yeah, funny thing about having a working study job in school-- they don't exactly carry over into the summer. No, I'm teaching swim lessons but I'm barely getting enough hours to pay for the gas in my car...

You know what? It's great though. For the first time in a long time I don't have to worry about getting as many hours as I can get my hands on and working in the hot sun all summer. This year, I'm doing something a little different. I think the Lord has made it clear that he really wants me to take a break. School really wore me down this semester and I think I just need some rest. Luckily though, that includes serving at my church. As of a couple of weeks ago, I am officially a student programming intern at my church! I love it. I have always enjoyed being involved with ministry and there is truly no greater reward than investing in people's lives. The result is far greater and much more rewarding than any paycheck I've ever received!

I think focusing on serving this summer will really help me to find out what it is God really wants me to do in this next step of life. Right now, I'm completely lost as to where the whole singing thing is going. I'm probably more confused than ever, actually. But hopefully, really digging into the word and spending more time with God this summer will answer some of those questions. We'll see.


i need someone who...

I need a guy who is prepared for:

-a million questions
-uncontrollable laughter
-my family
-my appetite
-musical outbursts
-random dancing
-my friends
-sad/happy tears
-deep talks
-my imagination
-my dreams
-walks in the rain
-random texts
-useless arguments
-and acceptance of the real me.


coming to a close

Whoa, it's hard to believe this year is coming to a close already!! I have had so many amazing new experiences this year and definitely a lot of firsts.

Just this year I have....

gotten accepted to college, turned 19, made some incredible friendships, been an assistant coach, dyed my hair, flown 12 times, eaten Ramen noodles more than anyone ever should in their life, had my first five-hour energy, gotten the lead in a play, gone tubing, GRADUATED, learned an entire Mozart Sonata, won a scholarship, made my regional cut time, sang in a vocal competition, passed my first college jury, fell in love with Justin Bieber, spent more money on Starbucks than anyone could ever imagine, let my hair grow long, gone to senior prom, got a mac, found my soul sister, sang in a professional Opera, bought a polaroid camera, baptized a friend in a river, ate at P.F. Chang's, became a floor rep, found my first gray hair, decorated my very own christmas tree, and got an A on all of my college finals!!!!

I have been so blessed beyond compare this year. God has shown me numerous times how much he provides for those who trust in Him. I cannot wait to see what he has in store next!


happy to be home

I'm done with my first semester of college!! What?! After many stressful finals, recitals, and juries, I myself have no idea how I got here. It's just crazy!

After just a semester I have learned/ been apart of things I never could have dreamed of!

  • I debuted in my first professional opera.
  • I survived finals week.
  • I completed my first college juries.
  • I found new, wonderful friends.
  • I performed in a record amount of recitals.
  • I learned and memorized eight songs (four of which were in a foreign language.)
  • I discovered a new love for opera.

With all these new experiences, I honestly cannot WAIT for next semester to start. And I'm applying to be an RA! Being a freshman has given me a new passion for helping others, especially while watching a lot of my new friends struggle in the very unfamiliar environment of college.

I'll be posting pictures soon of my adventures so far and how much I have been absolutely BLESSED this past semester.

So excited for what's to come!


the big u

Well, here I am folks: a college kid. I feel bad that I haven't had any time to blog, but college is HARD!! I really didn't expect it to be like this! Sure, I thought I'd have a little more homework each night, but NO. Try TONS more along with hours of practice time, endless recitals and a plethora of boring seminars to pick from. I know, I make it sound horrible, but you haven't even heard the beginning of it. I'm pretty sure CAVEMEN lived better than us college kids do. We're talking terrible food, dirty toilets, walking five flights of stairs to get to class, and lukewarm showers (if you even get that.) Not to mention finding somebody else's underwear in your laundry-- yeah, it's happened.

Despite all this, I'm actually starting to LOVE it. After being home for fall break (for an entire week) I have discovered that Webster has truly become my home. My new home. Which is really surprising to me. I love the classes, the teachers, and most of all-- the people. I have no idea what I would do without those kids in West 2 South!! There is a sense of community and acceptance that I have never been apart of before-- I love it. And I can't wait to go back.


my life in little boxes

Well, it has begun. The process of moving my entire life into a couple of boxes has started. I leave for college in two weeks.

I've only moved once in my life, and it was one of the most haphazard jobs in the world. See, when we moved into the RV we really didn't pick and choose what we were going to bring. We pretty much took our clothes and either sold or threw away everything else. This time, I actually have a choice of what I can bring, and I have no idea where to start. Where the heck does one even BEGIN to start packing for college? And where on earth is it all going to fit?

Well... at least I've got the essentials: bedding, books, movies, jewelry/accessories and shoes. All a girl could ever need. :)



Build Me Up Buttercup by the foundations {new favorite happy song}

Us by regina spektor
You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall & John Oates

Sweet Disposition by the temper trap

Garden by needtobreathe
A Whole New World by brad kane & lea salonga {from aladdin}


wish list.

As much as I would totally love to pimp out my dorm, I'm on a limited budget. So instead of going broke before I even get to college, I just decided to make a wish list. Here are my picks for the perfect dorm!

This quilt from Anthropologie is basically me sewn into bedding. I love it. Too bad it costs more than a month of meal plans!

I was told that adding pretty lights make those cold dorm rooms a little cozier. Imagine my excitement when I found these lights that you can clip pictures to!!

I'm just obsessed with this rug. End of story.

I've seen these decals in a couple of dorm rooms. Not only are they easy to put up and take down, but it's a great way to break up those cold cinderblock walls!

I'm a sucker for things with my name on it, and in a dorm setting, marking your turf is a necessity. Love these wire letters from PBteen!!

I suck at organizing things, and absolutely notorious for leaving books, journals, and iPods on the floor next to my bed. Now I can just put everything in this bed caddy! Yay!


all the beautiful children

I had the wonderful opportunity this weekend of meeting my new niece and nephew, Kelsey Maeve White and Andres Owen White. They are BEAUTIFUL babies, and although I know I won't be having kids for awhile, I feel a sort of pressure to have cute ones.