coming to a close

Whoa, it's hard to believe this year is coming to a close already!! I have had so many amazing new experiences this year and definitely a lot of firsts.

Just this year I have....

gotten accepted to college, turned 19, made some incredible friendships, been an assistant coach, dyed my hair, flown 12 times, eaten Ramen noodles more than anyone ever should in their life, had my first five-hour energy, gotten the lead in a play, gone tubing, GRADUATED, learned an entire Mozart Sonata, won a scholarship, made my regional cut time, sang in a vocal competition, passed my first college jury, fell in love with Justin Bieber, spent more money on Starbucks than anyone could ever imagine, let my hair grow long, gone to senior prom, got a mac, found my soul sister, sang in a professional Opera, bought a polaroid camera, baptized a friend in a river, ate at P.F. Chang's, became a floor rep, found my first gray hair, decorated my very own christmas tree, and got an A on all of my college finals!!!!

I have been so blessed beyond compare this year. God has shown me numerous times how much he provides for those who trust in Him. I cannot wait to see what he has in store next!

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