happy to be home

I'm done with my first semester of college!! What?! After many stressful finals, recitals, and juries, I myself have no idea how I got here. It's just crazy!

After just a semester I have learned/ been apart of things I never could have dreamed of!

  • I debuted in my first professional opera.
  • I survived finals week.
  • I completed my first college juries.
  • I found new, wonderful friends.
  • I performed in a record amount of recitals.
  • I learned and memorized eight songs (four of which were in a foreign language.)
  • I discovered a new love for opera.

With all these new experiences, I honestly cannot WAIT for next semester to start. And I'm applying to be an RA! Being a freshman has given me a new passion for helping others, especially while watching a lot of my new friends struggle in the very unfamiliar environment of college.

I'll be posting pictures soon of my adventures so far and how much I have been absolutely BLESSED this past semester.

So excited for what's to come!

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